Let start with

50% Profit Margin

Be Our Angels. One Of The Top-Ranked brand in Malaysia.

Let start with

50% Profit Margin

Be Our Angels. One Of The Top-Ranked brand in Malaysia.

Let start with

50% Profit Margin

Be Our Stockist

Why Peche Angels?

Boost Your Confidence

Very Powerful Leader & Founder

More Engaging Rewards for the Angels

Kalau dah decide jadi stokis, kenapa STOKIS PECHE? Kenapa bukan stokis lain? Apa specialnya Stokis Peche ni? So dekat sini, focus pada PECHE SPECIALS. Kelebihan yang Peche je ada, stokis lain takda, sort of. Or at least apa yang PECHE offer better than other brand.


kenapa Stokis Peche jadi stokis peche dan bukan stokis brand lain? Apa yang buat mereka happy jadi stokis peche.

International brand look

High profit margin 50%

Daily motivation

Daily stories

Daily marketing & sales tips

Quarterly team gatherings

Weekly coaching class by different gurus

Monthly performance reward

Surprise reward for stockist’s downlines

Monthly celebrity/ product review

Marketing materials for feed posting with copywriting

❝ We empower women through financial stability with system that easy to understand and replicate. ❞

~ Eqa, Founder

Why You Should Become Our Angels

Low business expansion cost

One undeniable truth about setting up a physical store is it requires a substantial investment in time and monetary costs. Let alone doing this on the international play fields. Partner up with brick-and-mortar stockists on the other hand fulfill the same purpose without breaking the bank like how setting up your own retail store would do.

Diversify your customer base

As the list of your stockist grows so do the diversity of your customer base. Your brand will eventually gain more exposure as it has an extremely high share of mind in various communities.

Boost Sales With Compelling Marketing Strategy

Unlike a brand who often focuses on bringing value and offering solutions to a wide range of audience with its products, stockist begins its enterprise by building a micro-community with a niche interest and focus solely on offering value to customers within this circle.

Gain High Value market Insight

The most valuable customer data all businesses seek is usually not laid wide open on the internet. Businesses invest millions every year to derive consumer insight from the market. While there is a vast array of market analysis methods, tools or even services out there in the market you can employ, they are expensive.

Kenapa prospek perlu jadi stokis (generally), kenapa tak buat benda lain dan kenapa stokis?

Best ke jadi stokis? Why stokis become stokis? Why they do what they do?

Ini RND in house Marketing Team


Details tentang item/product apa/mana yang akan diutamakan? Macam mana system peche yang ‘easy’ tu? Game apa yang future stokis ni akan main? Kasi teaser sikit.

Kalau ada infographic lagi cun. Ada flow chart ke tentang perkara yang berkaitan. Gambar2 berkaitan.

Cth lain lagi, kalau ada celebrity punya review, boleh buat poster lineup artis.

Anything yang boleh buat orang semakin tertarik dengan brand peche as future stokis.

Semua awards untuk increase brand trust kita akan tunjuk dekat sini. Details needed. What awards?

Kalau ada Kelulusan KKM untuk product pun selit sini. Details needed.

Explanation tentang brand penetration. Dah sampai brunei, africa yada yada kita akan selit sini juga. Details n pictures needed.


Semua gambar2 lebihan akan selit sini. The more the better (Yang relevan sahaja akan dimasukkan). Tujuan gallery untuk meriahkan landing page. Also increase prospeks’ interest.


Fokus pada testimonials stokis sedia ada + gambar berkaitan.

We will ensure that yada yada..

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